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First Line: Coming to kiss her lips (such grace I found)
Last Line: But her sweet odour did them all excell.
Alternate Author Name(s): Clout, Colin
Variant Title(s): The Garden Of Beauty
Subject(s): Smells; Odors; Aromas; Fragrances

Comming to kisse her lyps, (such grace I found)
Me seemd I smelt a gardin of sweet flowres,
That dainty odours from them threw around,
For damzels fit to decke their lovers bowres.
Her lips did smell lyke unto gillyflowers;
Her ruddy cheekes lyke unto roses red;
Her snowy browes lyke budded bellamoures;
Her lovely eyes lyke pincks but newly spred;
Her goodly bosome lyke a strawberry bed;
Her neck lyke to a bounch of cullambynes;
Her brest lyke lillyes, ere theyr leaves be shed;
Her nipples lyke young blossomd jessemynes.
Such fragrant flowres doe give most odorous smell,
But her sweet odour did them all excell.

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