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IAMBICUM TRIMETRUM, FR. LETTER TO HARVEY, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: Unhappie verse, the witnesse of my unhappie state
Last Line: "and I dye, who will saye"" this was, immerito?"
Alternate Author Name(s): Clout, Colin
Subject(s): Language; Poetry & Poets; Words; Vocabulary

Unhappie verse, the witnesse of my unhappie state,
Make thy selfe fluttering wings of thy fast flying thought,
And fly forth unto my Love, whersoever she be:
Whether lying restlesse in heavy bedde, or else
Sitting so cheerelesse at the cheerfull boorde, or else
Playing alone carelesse on hir heavenlie Virginals.
If in Bed, tell hir, that my eyes can take no reste:
If at Boorde, tel hir, that my mouth can eate no meate:
If at hir Virginals, tel hir, I can heare no mirth.
Asked why? say: Waking Love suffereth no sleepe:
Say, that raging Love dothe appall the weake stomacke:
Say, that lamenting Love marreth the Musicall.
Tell hir, that hir pleasures were wonte to lull me asleepe:
Tell hir, that hir beautie was wonte to feede mine eyes:
Tell hir, that hir sweete Tongue was wonte to make me mirth.

Nowe doe I nightly waste, wanting my kindely reste:
Nowe doe I dayly starve, wanting my lively foode:
Nowe doe I always dye, wanting thy timely mirth.
And if I waste, who will be bewaile my heavy chaunce?
And if I starve, who will record my cursed end?
And I dye, who will saye" this was, Immerito?

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