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THE SHEPHEARDES CALENDER: DEDICATORY SONNET, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: Goe, little booke: thy self presente
Last Line: Immerito.
Alternate Author Name(s): Clout, Colin
Subject(s): Books; Reading

GOE, little booke: thy selfe present,
As child whose parent is unkent,
To him that is the president
Of noblesse and of chevalree:
And if that Envie barke at thee,
As sure it will, for succoure flee
Under the shadow of his wing;
And asked, who thee forth did bring,
A shepheards swaine, saye, did thee sing,
All as his straying flocke he fedde:
And when his honor has thee redde,
Crave pardon for my hardyhedde.
But if that any aske thy name,
Say thou wert base begot with blame:
Forthy thereof thou takest shame.
And when thou art past jeopardee,
Come tell me what was sayd of mee:
And I will send more after thee.

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