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THE LORDS OF THE MAIN, by                    
First Line: When faction, in league with the treacherous gaul
Last Line: The first-born of neptune are lords of the main!
Subject(s): Navy - Great Britain; English Navy

WHEN Faction, in league with the treacherous Gaul,
Began to look big, and paraded in state,
A meeting was held at Credulity Hall,
And Echo proclaimed their ally good and great.
By sea and by land
Such wonders are planned --
No less than the bold British lion to chain!
"Well hove!" says Jack Lanyard,
"French, Congo, and Spaniard,
Have at you! -- remember, we're Lords of the Main.
Lords of the Main, aye, Lords of the Main;
The Tars of old England are Lords of the Main!"

Though party-contention awhile may perplex,
And lenity hold us in doubtful suspense,
If perfidy rouse, or ingratitude vex,
In defiance of hell we'll chastise the offence.
When danger alarms,
'T is then that in arms
United we rush on the foe with disdain;
And when the storm rages,
It only presages
Fresh triumphs to Britons as Lords of the Main!
Lords of the Main, aye, Lords of the Main --
Let thunder proclaim it, we're Lords of the Main!

Then, Britons, strike home -- make sure of your blow:
The chase is in view -- never mind a lea shore.
With vengeance o'ertake the confederate foe:
'T is now we may rival our heroes of yore!
Brave Anson, and Drake,
Hawke, Russell, and Blake,
With ardor like yours, we defy France and Spain!
Combining with treason,
They're deaf to all reason;
Once more let them feel we are Lords of the Main.
Lords of the Main, aye, Lords of the Main --
The first-born of Neptune are Lords of the Main!

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