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THE DANCE, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Love, reason, hate, did once bespeak
Last Line: So love and folly were in hell.
Subject(s): Dancing & Dancers; Human Behavior; Conduct Of Life; Human Nature

Love, Reason, Hate, did once bespeak
Three mates to play at Barley-break;
Love, Folly took; and Reason, Fancy;
And Hate consorts with Pride; so dance they:
Love coupled last; and so it fell
That Love and Folly were in hell.
They break, and Love would Reason meet,
But Hate was nimbler on her feet;
Fancy looks for Pride, and thither
Hies, and they two hug together:
Yet this new coupling still doth tell
That Love and Folly were in hell.
The rest do break again, and Pride
Hath now got Reason on her side;
Hate and Fancy meet, and stand
Untouched by Love in Folly's hand:
Folly was dull, but Love ran well,
So Love and Folly were in hell.

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