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First Line: I am a captain to your will
Last Line: Not faint, but think on former dayes.
Subject(s): Puritans In Literature

I am a Captain to your Will.
You found me Gracious, so shall still,
Whilst that my Will is your Design.
If that you stick unto my Cause
Opposing whom oppose my Laws
I am your own, and you are mine.

The weary Soule I will refresh
And Ease him of his heaviness.
Who'le slay a Friend? And save a Foe?
Who in my War do take delight,
Fight not for prey, but Pray, and Fight
Although they slip, I'le mercy show.

Then Credit not your Enemy
Whose Chiefest daintie is a lie.
I will you comfort sweet extend.
Behold I am a sun and shield
And a sharp sword to win the field.
I'l surely Crown you in the End.

His murdering Canons which do roare
And Engins though as many more
Shoot onely aire: no Bullets fly.
Unless you dare him with your Crest,
And ope to him the naked breast,
Small Execution's done thereby.

To him that smiteth hip, and thigh,
My foes as his: Walks warily,
I'le give him Grace: he'st give me praise.
Let him whose foot doth hit a Stone
Through weakeness, not rebellion
Not faint, but think on former dayes.

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