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First Line: Like to the marigold, I blushing close
Last Line: Shall be the psalms sung forth in gracious layes.
Subject(s): Bible; Puritans In Literature; Religion; Theology

Like to the Marigold, I blushing close
My golden blossoms when thy sun goes down:
Moist'ning my leaves with Dewy Sighs, half frose
By the nockturnall Cold, that hoares my Crown.
Mine apples ashes are in apple shells,
And dirty too: strange and bewitching spells!

When, Lord, mine Eye doth spie thy Grace to beame
They Mediatoriall glory in the shine,
Out spouted so from Adams typick streame,
And Emblemiz'd in Noahs pollisht shrine:
Thine theirs outshines so far it makes their glory
In brightest Colours, seem a smoaky story.

But when mine Eye full of these beams doth cast
Its rayes upon my dusty essence thin,
Impregnate with a Sparke Divine defac'de,
All candi[e]d o're with Leprosie of Sin,
Such Influences on my Spirits light,
Which them as bitter gall, or Cold ice smite.

My brissled sins hence do so horrid peare,
None but thyselfe, (and thou deck't up must bee
In thy Transcendent glory sparkling cleare)
A Mediator unto God for mee.
So high they rise, Faith scarce can toss a Sight
Over their head upon thyselfe to light.

Is't possible such glory, Lord, ere should
Center its Love on me, Sins Dunghill else?
My Case up take? make it its own? who would
Wash with his blood my blots out? Crown his shelfe
Or Dress his golden Cupboard with such ware?
This makes my pale facde Hope almost despare.

Yet let My Titimouses Quill suck in
Thy Graces milk Pails some small drop: or Cart
A Bit or Splinter of some Ray, the wing
Of Grace's sun sprindg'd out, into my heart:
To build there Wonders Chappell where thy Praise
Shall be the Psalms sung forth in gracious layes.

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