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THE FOUNDERS OF OHIO, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: The footsteps of a hundred years
Last Line: Immortalize their lives sublime!
Subject(s): Ohio; Patriotism; Pioneers

THE footsteps of a hundred years
Have echoed, since o'er Braddock's Road
Bold Putnam and the Pioneers
Led History the way they strode.

On wild Monongahela stream
They launched the Mayflower of the West,
A perfect State their civic dream,
A new New World their pilgrim quest.

When April robed the Buckeye trees
Muskingum's bosky shore they trod;
They pitched their tents, and to the breeze
Flung freedom's star-flag, thanking God.

As glides the Oyo's solemn flood,
So fleeted their eventful years;
Resurgent in their children's blood,
They still live on -- the Pioneers.

Their fame shrinks not to names and dates
On votive stone, the prey of time; --
Behold where monumental States
Immortalize their lives sublime!

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