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IL PLEUT DOUCEMENT SUR LA VILLE, by             Poem Explanation     Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: Tears fall within mine heart
Last Line: Mine heart is desolate.
Subject(s): Desolation; Grief; Sorrow; Sadness

Tears fall within mine heart,
As rain upon the town:
Whence does this languor start,
Possessing all mine heart?

O sweet fall of the rain
Upon the earth and roofs!
Unto an heart in pain,
O music of the rain!

Tears that have no reason
Fall in my sorry heart:
What! there was no treason?
This grief hath no reason.

Nay! the more desolate,
Because, I know not why,
(Neither for love nor hate)
Mine heart is desolate.

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