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First Line: Sigh, heart, and break not; rest lark, and wake not
Last Line: Dawn enters; my love wakens; here is day.
Alternate Author Name(s): Lancaster, William P.; Preston, George F.; De Tabley, 3d Baron; De Tabley, Lord
Subject(s): Marriage; Weddings; Husbands; Wives

SIGH heart, and break not; rest lark, and wake not
Day I hear coming to draw my Love away.
As mere-waves whisper, and clouds grow crisper,
Ah, like a rose he will waken up with day!

In moon-light lonely, he is my Love only,
I share with none when Luna rides in grey.
As dawn-beams quicken, my rivals thicken,
The light and deed and turmoil of the day.

To watch my sleeper to me is sweeter,
Than any waking words my Love can say;
In dream he finds me and closer winds me!
Let him rest by me a little more and stay.

Ah, mine eyes, close not: and, tho' he knows not,
My lips, on his be tender while you may;
Ere leaves are shaken, and ring-doves waken,
And infant buds begin to scent new day.

Fair Darkness, measure thine hours, as treasure
Shed each one slowly from thine urn, I pray;
Hoard in and cover each from my lover;
I cannot lose him yet; dear night, delay.

Each moment dearer, true-love, lie nearer,
My hair shall blind thee lest thou see the ray
My locks encumber thine ears in slumber,
Lest any bird dare give thee the note of day.

He rests so calmly; we lie so warmly;
Hand within hand, as children after play; --
In shafted amber on roof and chamber
Dawn enters; my Love wakens; here is day.

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