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First Line: I wonder where it could of went to
Last Line: On a drizzly night.
Subject(s): New Jersey

I WONDER where it could of went to;
I know I seen it just as plain:
A beautiful, big fairy city
Shinin' through the rain.

Rain it was, not snow -- in winter!
Special-order April weather
Ticklin' at our two faces
Pressed up close together.

Not a single soul was near us
Standin' out there on the bow;
When we passed another ferry
He says, sudden, "Now!"

Then I looked where he was pointin'. . . .
I seen a magic city rise. . . .
Gleamin' windows, like when fields is
Full of fire-flies.

Towers an' palaces in the clouds, like,
Real as real, but nice and blurred.
"Oh!" I starts in -- but he wispers
"Hush! Don't say a word!

"Don't look long, and don't ast questions,
Elset you make the fairies sore.
They won't let you even see it
Never any more.

"Don't you try to ever go there --
It's to dream of, not to find.
Lovely things like that is always
Mostly in your mind."

Somethin' made me say, "It's Jersey!" . . .
Somethin' mean . . . He hollers, "Hell!
Now you done it, sure as shootin',
Now you bust the spell!"

Sure enough, the towers and castles
Went like lightnin' out of sight. . . .
Nothin' there but filthy Jersey
On a drizzly night.

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