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First Line: Nothin' or everythin' it's got to be'
Last Line: Nothin' to you, an' everythin' to me?
Subject(s): Marriage; Weddings; Husbands; Wives

"Nothin' or everythin' it's got to be,"
You says, and hides your face down on my arm.
"If it meant nothin', 'twouldn't do no harm,
Or either everythin' -- but this way -- see?"

I feel your tremblin' heart against my coat,
An' the big arc-light moon grins down so cool,
"Go on!" I think it says, "you softie fool!"
I love you so it hurts me in my throat.

"Don't make me kiss you; sure, I know you could,"
You're pleadin', "an' we gone too far for play;
I care a lot ... but yet not so's to say
I love you yet... Aw, help me to be good!"

O darlin', darlin', can't you let it be
Nothin' to you, an' everythin' to me?

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