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THE NOTHING REDEMPTION, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Some men's voices rose and fell far away
Subject(s): Army Life; Drills & Minor Tactics

Some men's voices rose and fell far away.
Time changed. Time got
stupid and I stood in line with the gobs,
our drawers at our feet
so our cheeks we could pull apart.

One boy's
hole was plastered
closed with his own dried months of shit,
and the doctor
called a second doctor in

and the sergeants arrived feigning aimlessness.
Oh la the boy sang
to the doctors who giggled
like men when they dreamed about war.
I could not imagine

that a man would shit himself
and let his own shit
dry himself closed.
I didn't know you could do that
so they would not take you

into the state;
So they would not make you
cross through that door of lies
into the greenery's mist.
All night that night I rode out

on a slow train with my cousin,
and drunk, I pissed
from the upper birth
down onto him
passed out in the birth below.

He never woke up
but I thought I should wash him
soapy clean for the killing
that I didn't know waited
for us like a bloody

snagged in the bushes,
found by the beast
who joins in the search
for the slaughtered.

First published in The Kenyon Review, Volume 22, #1, Winter 2000.

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