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First Line: Greeting to you both in hearty wise
Last Line: And hath him recommended to the cat and mouse.
Alternate Author Name(s): Wyat, Thomas
Subject(s): Bodies; Fear; Hope; Love; Soul; Optimism

Greeting to you both in hearty wise
As, unknown, I send (and this my intent
As I do here) you to advertise
Lest that perchance your deeds you do repent.
The unknown man dreads not to be shent
But says as he thinks: so fares it by me
That neither fear nor hope in no degree.

The body and the soul to hold together
It is but right, and reason wills the same;
And friendly the one to love the other
It increaseth your bruit and also your fame.
But mark well my words, for I fear no blame:
Trust well yourselves but ware ye trust no moe,
For such as ye think your friend may fortune be your foe.

Beware hardily ere ye have any need
And to friends reconciled trust not greatly,
For they that once with hasty speed
Exiled themselves out of your company,
Though they turn again and speak sweetly,
Feigning themselves to be your friends fast,
Beware of them for they will deceive you at last.

Fair words makes fools fain
And bearing in hand causeth much woe.
For time trieth troth; therefore refrain
And from such as be ready to do -
None do I name but this I know,
That by this fault cause causeth much.
Therefore beware if ye do know any such.

'To wise folks few words' is an old saying;
Therefore at this time I will write no more.
But this short lesson take for a warning:
By such light friends set little store;
If ye do otherwise ye will repent it sore.
And thus of this letter making an end,
To the body and the soul I me commend.

Written lifeless at the manor place
Of him that hath no chaff nor nowhere doth dwell,
But wandering in the wild world, wanting that he has,
And neither hopes nor fears heaven nor hell
But liveth at adventure. Ye know him full well.
The twenty day of March he wrote it in his house
And hath him recommended to the cat and mouse.

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