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GHOST STARS, by            
First Line: Night thick with stars! The word infinity
Last Line: "and proudly call them: ""deathless as a star."
Subject(s): Stars

Night thick with stars! The word infinity
Is grasped by finite me,
Until I think of stars that ages past
Burst into meteors: and yet they cast
Their rays with those of living orbs tonight.
Strangely they give their light,
These long-dead stars that perished when the world
Was but an infant planet to be whirled
About a power-mad sun.
So I am one
With beams of ghost stars shining on my hand,
Reflecting as I stand
How lights burn on although their source is dust;
Persist because they must;
Like Plato's wisdom; like grave Dante's dream,
Staying to gleam,
Though sage and poet with the dead have slept
These many centuries; and men have kept
Long watch to see their lights that shine afar,
And proudly call them: "Deathless as a star."

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