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First Line: Shrouded by his country's flag
Last Line: He was all the world to her.
Subject(s): American Civil War; Grief; Marriage; United States - History; Sorrow; Sadness; Weddings; Husbands; Wives

Shrouded by his country's flag,
And in martial garments dressed,
Came the soldier to his home,
With his sword upon his breast.

Stepping to the muffled drum,
Pass the guard on either side:
All the people as they come,
Whisper how the warrior died.

Of his deeds, what words can tell?
But in battle, 'mid the van,
Cheering on the fight, he fell
For the common cause of man.

He shall lead the charge no more --
Scale the rampart to the gun;
For they bear him gently home,
To his wife and little one.

She, who through her bridal vail [sic],
Looked and called him dearest, best!
Bends above him in her tears,
With her head upon his breast.

She has sorrow for her part:
Grief alone to her is sent,
Blighting all her summer heart,
And the roses of content.

What if victory crowned the day?
She will heed you not nor stir:
He has fallen in the fray:
He was all the world to her.

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