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AUF WIEDERSEHEN, by            
First Line: The coals have lower, fainter burned
Last Line: To meet again.
Subject(s): Dreams; Hope; Thought; Nightmares; Optimism; Thinking

THE coals have lower, fainter burned;
These pages, worn and finger-turned,
Fade with the light.
No friend is here; we are alone,
My thoughts and I, while winds do moan,
And speeds the night.

A host of fancies fill the room,
And voices whispering from the gloom
Are here with me.
Can thoughts take form? A well-loved face,
Lit, as of old, with fairest grace,
I surely see.

Not length of days, not land nor sea,
Have power to sever thee from me,
O truest heart.
To wait in patience, shine or rain,
Longing until we meet again,
Shall be my part.

And I had doubted this, and gave
Full room to aching grief, a grave
Amid my dreams.
Sweet vision with thy coming, ring
Memories of meads and birds that sing
O'er purling streams.

The morning spans the eastern hills;
The yearning flower its petal fills
With gentle rains;
All life assumes a brighter robe:
e mine to trust, to love, to hope,
To meet again.

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