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YIGDAL, by                    
First Line: Extol we now the living god
Last Line: His name be ever blest.
Subject(s): Creation; God; Jews; Judaism

EXTOL we now the living God,
His praises loud relate,
Who is—and whose existence is
Not bound by time or date.

Who, One and only One, alone
Invisible doth dwell;
And peerless in His unity,
His limit who shall tell?

Material form, similitude,
Or likeness, none hath He;
Nor can there to His holiness
Comparison e'er be.

Ere glad Creation, at His word,
To life and light outburst;
Of primal date—Eternal He—
Without beginning—First!

In all the world—the wide expanse,
Its dwellers all around,
Proclaim His might, His majesty,
Which everywhere abound.

Prophetic powers he deigned below,
Blest words of revelation,
To them, His treasured men of worth,
In glorious inspiration.

But like to Moses none arose,
'Mid Israel's chosen few,
Who face to face with God did speak,
And did His semblance view.

And when in mercy, laws of truth,
God for His people penn'd,
He by that faithful Prophet pleased
His holy law to send.

Nor ever will our gracious Lord
Another code bestow;
For, all complete, His perfect law
No altering change can know.

Our hidden thoughts, our ev'ry act,
From Him are ne'er conceal'd;
Yea! ere commenced, of all, the end
To Him at once reveal'd.

Rewarding kindness, as his meed,
The good man's just return;
But to the wicked, punishment
His own misdoings earn.

Who at His time—in length of days—
Will our Messiah send,
Redeeming those who, anxious, wait
Salvation as their end.

In wondrous mercy, then the dead
Revive at God's behest;
Then be His praises ever sung,
His name be ever blest.

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