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A SONNET WRITTEN BY A NYMPH IN HER OWN BLOOD, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Since, cruel thyrsis, you my torments slight
Last Line: I would not spoil the face I'd have you love.
Subject(s): Love

SINCE, cruel Thyrsis, you my torments slight,
And take no notice of my amorous flame,
In these vermilion letters thus I write
My bloody reasons to confirm the same.

These of my passion are the lively marks,
Which from my veins you here in blood see writ,
Touch them, your breast will kindle with the sparks,
The ardent characters are reeking yet.

Nor can my pen alone my heart explain,
My very soul o'ercharg'd with grief, I fain
Would send enclos'd herein, the truth to prove.
And if I've been too sparing of my blood,
This is the reason why I stopp'd the flood,
I would not spoil the face I'd have you love.

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