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SLEEPING BEAUTY, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: A princess in a forest deep
Last Line: The heart the sleeping beauty is.
Alternate Author Name(s): Choquet, Louise Victorine

A PRINCESS in a forest deep
Sank for a hundred years to sleep--
Yes, a whole hundred years, 'tis said--
And in her fresh retreat the maid
Let all the time unheeded flee.
Around, all slept as well as she.
The breezes never with their wing
Made the least leaflet shake or swing;
The river slumbered by the bank;
The bird within the foliage shrank,
And rested without song or play.
A hundred springs the Rose was shown
Upon its slim green stalk half blown,
Yet never fell one leaf away.

The Charm had lasted, I am told,
Till now, if the King's son had not
Been doomed to penetrate the spot,
And thus by happy chance behold
The treasure kept for him by fate.
A loving kiss he quickly put
Upon the pretty lips half shut,
That all this time his greeting wait.

Confused and blushing, then the Maid
On him who her long trance had stayed,
Much wondering, smiled in love and bliss:
Surprise that aye the same doth prove;
Smile full of passion, charming kiss.
The great awakener still is love,
The heart the sleeping beauty is.

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