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THE HYMNARY: 324. WHITSUNTIDE, by                    
First Line: Day all jubilant, all splendid
Last Line: Our eternal jubilee.

DAY all jubilant, all splendid,
When from heaven the fire descended
On the chosen of the Lord!
Heart is full, and tongue rejoices:
Yea, our hearts invite our voices
To sing praise with one accord.

He who ne'er His promise breaketh,
Thus His chosen Bride retaketh,
On the Pentecostal day.
From the Rock, with honey teeming
Once, a gracious oil is streaming;
Never shall that Rock decay.

Writ on stone, not preached by flamed
Tongues, the Law was once proclaimed
From the mount in all men's view:
Hearts in Christ created newly,
Tongues in love united truly,
Here are granted to a few.

O the joy, the exultation
Of that day when the foundation
Of Christ's Holy Church was laid!
When she gave to God thanksgiving
For three thousand souls, her living
Firstfruits, as they kneeled and prayed!

This the two wave-loaves portended
Of the Law: -- two peoples, blended
Into one -- One God adore.
They were twain: until united
By the Stone the builders slighted,
Never to be sundered more.

Not in vessels that are olden
Is the new wine meetly holden:
Like Elisha, to the brim
All the widow's vessels filling,
Christ with sacred dew is willing
To fill all who trust in Him.

Not to hearts by discord riven,
Shall these sacred gifts be given
Precious dew, nor oil, nor wine:
Ne'er the Paraclete abideth
Within hearts which sin divideth,
Shutting out the light divine.

Comforter, possess and cheer us!
Venom then shall not draw near us;
Hate shall flee before Thy face.
There is no delight, no sweetness,
Health, nor comfort, nor completeness,
Where Thou dost withhold Thy grace.

Oil of gladness, Lamp uplifted,
Heavenly Bread, by Whom are gifted
With strange power the springs and brooks;
New-create and pure, we render
Thus our thanks, on whom with tender
Love, not hate, the Saviour looks.

Gift, and Giver of all blessing,
Evermore be we addressing
Praise, with lip and heart, to Thee.
Cleanse our sins; in Christ renew us;
And, when perfected, give to us
Our eternal jubilee.

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