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DOT LONG-HANDLED DIPPER, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Der boet may sing off 'der oldt oaken bookit'
Last Line: Sink.
Alternate Author Name(s): Strauss, Yawcob
Subject(s): Wit & Humor

DER boet may sing off "Der Oldt Oaken Bookit,"
Und in schveetest langvitch its virtues may tell;
Und how, ven a poy, he mit eggsdasy dook it,
Vhen dripping mit coolness it rose vrom der
I don'd take some schtock in dot manner off trink-
It vas too mooch like horses und cattle, I dink.
Dhere vas more sadisfactions, in my vay of dink-
Mit dot long-handled dipper dot hangs by der

"How schveet from der green mossy brim to re-
ceive it --
"Dot vould soundt pooty goot -- eef it only vas
drue --
Der vater schbills ofer, you petter pelieve it!
Und runs down your schleeve and schlops into
your shoe.
Dhen down on your nose comes dot oldt iron
Und makes your eyes vater so gvick as a vink.
I dells you dot bookit don'd hold a candle
To dot long-handled dipper dot hangs by der

How nice it musd been in der rough vinter ved-
Vhen it settles righdt down to a cold, freezing
To haf dot rope coom oup so light as a feddher,
Und findt dot der bookit vas proke off der chain.
Dhen down in der vell mit a pole you go fishing,
Vhile indo your back cooms an oldt-fashioned
I pet you mine life all der time you vas vishing
For dot long-handled dipper dot hangs by der

How handy it vas schust to turn on der faucet,
Vhere der vater flows down vrom der schpring
on der hill!
I schust vas der schap dot vill alvays indorse
Oxsbecially nighds vhen der veddher vas chill.
Vhen Pfeiffer's oldt vell mit der schnow vas all
Und he vades droo der schnow drift to get
him a trink,
I schlips vrom der hearth vhere der schiltren
vas hofered,
To dot long-handled dipper dot hangs by der

Dhen gife oup der bookits und pails to der
Off mikerobes und tadpoles schust gif dhem
dheir fill!
Gife me dot pure vater dot all der time courses
Droo dhose pipes dot run down vrom der
schpring on der hill.
Und eef der goot dings of dis vorld I gets rich
Und frendts all aroundt me dheir glasses
schall clink,
I schtill vill rememper dot oldt coundtry
Und dot long-handled dipper dot hangs by der

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