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A RHYMED REVIEW; 'LAUGHING MUSE' (BY ARTHUR GUITERMAN), by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: An obvious thing for one to do
Last Line: "I hope to god a lion bit her."
Alternate Author Name(s): F. P. A.
Subject(s): Books; Guiterman, Arthur (1871-1943); Literature; Poetry & Poets; Reading

AN OBVIOUS thing for one to do
For one who runs this kind of colyum
Is to attempt a Rhymed Review
Of Arthur Guiterman's new volume.

("The Laughing Muse." One Dollar, net)
A better bargain readers could not
In all their days of seeking get—
Though maybe I say so that should not.

(Observe that stanza. How it creaks
With rhymes and verbiage extraneous!
Friend Arthur would have worked for weeks
To make that stanza seem spontaneous.)

For him no fault of limping line,
No flaws in joining or connection;
I rate his verse ahead of mine,
Which is to hail it as perfection.

If you don't know his lyric stuff,
I beg of you to blow a dollar;
To you who know I've said enough—
I needn't emphasize my holler.

P. S. The book is large and fine.
("The Laughing Muse," by Arthur Guiterman)
and contains that deathless line,
"I hope to God a lion bit her."

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