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First Line: Gentle, modest little flower
Last Line: Nutty over natalie.
Alternate Author Name(s): F. P. A.
Subject(s): Poetry & Poets

GENTLE, modest little flower,"
(Gilbert's self is whom I quote),
Were the warder of this Tower
But a bard of strength and power,
Not a paper pote—
This would be a lasting line
Telling you you are divine.

"Sadly lacking in our land,"
(Quoting as I start to sing)
Are the maidens I can stand
Staring at and hearing—and
Wholly everything.
Falter, feet! and metre halt!
When ye seek to sing Miss Alt.

"This the close of every song"—
This the finishing of mine:
Every lyric, short or long,
Always tries to tap the gong
In the final line.
Wherefore I confess to be
Nutty over Natalie.

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