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First Line: She 'greeted' and he 'volunteered'
Last Line: They had a thing or two to say.
Alternate Author Name(s): F. P. A.
Subject(s): English Language; Synonyms & Antonyms

[Provoked by a reading of two short stories in a recent magazine]

She "greeted" and he "volunteered";
She "giggled"; he "asserted";
She "queried" and he "lightly veered";
She "drawled" and he "averted";
She "scoffed," she "laughed" and she "averred";
He "mumbled," "parried" and "demurred."

She "languidly responded"; he
"Incautiously assented";
Doretta "proffered lazily";
Will "speedily invented";
She "parried," "whispered," "bade" and "mused";
He "urged," "acknowledged" and "refused."

She "softly added"; she "alleged";
He "cautiously invited";
She "then corrected"; William "hedged";
She "prettily recited";
She "nodded," "stormed" and "acquiesced";
He "promised," "hastened" and "confessed."

He "waived," "believed," "explained" and "tried";
"Commented" she; he "muttered";
She "blushed," she "dimpled" and she "sighed";
He "ventured" and he "stuttered";
She "spoke," "suggested" and "pursued";
He "pleaded," "pouted," "called" and "viewed."
* * * * * * * *
O synonymble writers, ye
Whose work is so high-pricey,
Think ye not that variety
May haply be too spicy?
Meseems that in an elder day
They had a thing or two to say.

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