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First Line: Important is the nation's health
Last Line: Says advertising mr. Hyde
Alternate Author Name(s): F. P. A.
Subject(s): Editors; Newspapers; Publishing; Writing & Writers; Journalism; Journalists; Publishers

IMPORTANT is the nation's health.
Naught is the question of the shekel.
Ill fares the land that worships wealth!"
Says Editorial Dr. Jekyll.

"Do you get up with pains or cricks?
Do you have stitches in the side?
Buy Dr. Killman's Vit-E-Lix!"

Says Advertising Mr. Hyde

"Down with the greedy grafters who
The land's escutcheon do bespeckle!
Three cheers for the Red, White, and Blue!"
Says Editorial Dr. Jekyll.

"Does zero weather give you chills?
Insomnia leave you weary-eyed?
Buy Phakem's Phony Purple Pills!"

Says Advertising Mr. Hyde

"Better than gold an honest name."
"Be true, and let the envious heckle."
"Be fair, whoever wins the game,"
Says Editorial Dr. Jekyll.

"Lost Energy? Ambition? Calm?

Says Advertising Mr. Hyde

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