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First Line: When some folks meet a colyuming man
Last Line: "the feller was always a little queer."")"
Alternate Author Name(s): F. P. A.
Subject(s): Poetry & Poets

WHEN some folks meet a colyuming man,
They have the delightfullest way to flatter;
And this is about the general plan
Of the smilingly pleasant school of patter.

"Do you know, I know a couple of guys
Who prefer your pomes to the five-foot shelf?"
(As one who, merry and bright, implies:
"I never could see the stuff, myself.")

"My boy—he's still in his early teens—
He reads your things, whether short or long,
From beginning to end." (As one who means:
"The little chap never was very strong.")

"A friend of mine reads you every day—
Hasn't missed a column in over a year;
You mightn't believe it—" (As who should say:
"The feller was always a little queer.")

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