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AT A COWBOY DANCE, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Git yer little sage hens ready
Last Line: Keno! Promenade to seats.
Subject(s): Cowboys; Dancing & Dancers; Ranch Life; West (u.s.); Southwest; Pacific States

GIT yo' little sagehens ready;
Trot 'em out upon the floor —
Line up there, you critters! Steady!
Lively, now! One couple more.
Shorty, shed that ol' sombrero;
Broncho, douse that cigaret;
Stop yer cussin', Casimero,
'Fore the ladies. Now, all set:

S'lute yer ladies, all together;
Ladies opposite the same;
Hit the lumber with yer leather;
Balance all an' swing yer dame;
Bunch the heifers in the middle;
Circle stags an' do-ce-do;
Keep a-steppin' to the fiddle;
Swing 'em 'round an' off you go.

First four forward. Back to places.
Second foller. Shuffle back —
Now you've got it down to cases —
Swing 'em till their trotters crack.
Gents all right a-heel an' toein';
Swing 'em — kiss 'em if yo' kin —
On to next an' keep a-goin'
Till yo' hit yer pards agin.

Gents to center. Ladies 'round 'em;
Form a basket; balance all;
Swing yer sweets to where yo' found 'em;
All p'mnade around the hall.
Balance to yer pards an' trot 'em
'Round the circle double quick;
Grab an' squeeze 'em while you've got 'em —
Hold 'em to it if they kick.

Ladies, left hand to yer sonnies;
Alaman; grand right an' left;
Balance all an' swing yer honies —
Pick 'em up an' feel their heft.
All p'mnade like skeery cattle;
Balance all an' swing yer sweets;
Shake yer spurs an' make 'em rattle —
Keno! Promenade to seats.

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