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THE LOST CHILD, by            
First Line: Twas on the balmy day
Last Line: "I'm here, ma."" it was willie."
Subject(s): Mothers

'T WAS on the balmy day
Set for the sports aquatic
And people lounged about
In multitudes chaotic
When rising from her brood,
In accents frantic, thrilly,
An ancient woman cried:
"Where's Willie? Oh, where's Willie?"

From all that concourse vast
A groan rose as men pondered
What frightful things befall
A helpless child that's wandered.
It might in forests stray,
Or for a water-lily
Reach out its hand, and fall.
Wild eyes looked round for Willie.

Then, as from out the deep
A vast whale heaves its shoulder,
Rose from the throng a man
Full forty years or older
Who weighed two hundred pounds.
He looked uncommon silly
As out he called, "I'm here--
I'm here, ma." It was Willie.

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