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THE SECOND MOTHERHOOD, by                    
First Line: A child was born to me today
Last Line: Through births without a throe.
Subject(s): Mothers

A CHILD was born to me today,
A birth without a throe;
Joy thrills within me, but the pain
Died thirty years ago;
For 'tis the child of him I bore,
And well may he entwine
His dearest hopes about it; still,
'Tis mine, and ever mine.

And I shall comfort all its hurts,
And weep when it is ill,
And know some portion of the grief
A mother knows; but still
The care, the watchful discipline
Through all the years must fall
To other hands--for me such things
Have passed, and love is all.

The child I bore, himself made good
All my distress and pain;
And now the child that comes to me
From heaven is pure gain.--
And his child will be mine. And his.
I'll down the ages go
In glad, perpetual motherhood
Through births without a throe.

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