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MY CRYSTAL BRIDE, by                    
First Line: Out of the vision of night she has come
Last Line: Shines in my holiest room.
Subject(s): Brides; Marriage; White (color); Weddings; Husbands; Wives

Out of the vision of night she has come,
Whispering to me of babes and home,
Beguiling my feet no longer to roam,
Calling to rest a while;
Face like the morning, whose glimmering light
Banishes gloom of the passing night,
Filling my life with all that's bright,
Drawing me with her smile.

Glinting like gold in the sun's bright glare,
Stirring what's best in the life it shall share,
Spreading its blessing around everywhere,
Vibrant as heavenly muse;
Clear as a star in her sense of right,
Fair as the moon on a summer night,
Shining like moon path on sea so bright,
Calling my heart to choose.

Pure as the crystal of igneous rock,
Born of the throes of the earthquake shock,
With something of earth, yet enough to mock
Of celestial fire and flame;
Fused in the seething of volcanic fires,
Mounting with wings of best desires,
Helping toward all that the soul desires,
Living with nothing of blame.

White! white! white! my dear,
Whiter than wool of the summer shear,
White as the snow of the wintry year,
White as the lily's bloom;
Such is your soul as I see it now,
Such is my wish as I make my vow,
White as the Christ, if I but allow
Shines in my holiest room.

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