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MAN AN' MOOSE, by                    
First Line: Wee moosie, I ha'e catch't ye noo
Last Line: It's best to mak' the best o't.
Subject(s): Moose

WEE moosie, I ha'e catch't ye noo,
An' what I should dae wi' ye
Is mair than I can richtly tell;
But as ye are sae like mysel',
I think I will forgie ye.

For tho' ye ha'e at my expense
Ta'en mony a hearty dinner,
Since I hae fairly judg'd the case,
Truth tells me to my very face,
I'm faur the biggest sinner.

An' as enough an' mair is cast
Into the human happer,
To serve the wants o' man an' moose,
I think he shouldna craw sae croose,
Wha is the biggest pauper.

Ye've jist as guid a richt to live
As him, tho' but a beastie,
An' ill aff wad he be for wark
Wha wad deprive ye o' the spark
That's burnin' in yer breastie.

Sae, my wee freen', I'll let ye gang,
Nae mair I houp to trap ye,
But mind ye, baudrons is aboot,
Watchin' a chance yer lugs to cloot,
An' ten to ane she'll snap ye.

Sae rin for life, yet dinna mak',
Like mony fules, a jest o't,
Tho' it's a battle at the best,
As wisest sages ha'e confess't,
It's best to mak' the best o't.

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