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First Line: Oh the charming month of may!
Last Line: Who on, &c.
Subject(s): May (month)

OH the charming month of May!
Oh the charming month of May!
When the breezes fan the treeses
Full of blossoms fresh and gay—
Full, &c.

Oh what joys our prospects yield!
Charming joys our prospects yield!
In a new livery when we see every
Bush and meadow, tree and field—
Bush, &c.

Oh how fresh the morning air!
Charming fresh the morning air!
When the zephyrs and the heifers
Their odoriferous breath compare—
Their, &c.

Oh how fine our ev'ning walk!
Charming fine our ev'ning walk!
When the nightingale delighting
With her song suspends our talk—
With her, &c.

Oh how sweet at night to dream!
Charming sweet at night to dream!
On mossy pillows, by the trilloes
Of a gentle purling stream—
Of a, &c.

Oh how kind the country lass!
Charming kind the country lass!
Who, her cow bilking, leaves her milking
For a green gown upon the grass—
For a, &c.

Oh how sweet it is to spy!
Charming sweet it is to spy!
At the conclusion, her confusion,
Blushing cheeks, and downcast eye—
Blushing, &c.

Oh the cooling curds and cream!
Charming cooling curds and cream!
When all is over, she gives her lover,
Who on her skimming-dish carves her name—
Who on, &c.

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