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First Line: Have you heard of santa rita?
Last Line: Santa rita! Hear my prayer!
Subject(s): Saints

HAVE you heard of Santa Rita?
Patron of the hopeless, she;
Fleeting dreams of pleasure fleeter
Under her protection be;
Idle wish and aspiration,
Fruitless hope and gray despair,
Crave alike her mediation, --
Santa Rita! hear my prayer

Long have I, with ardor leal,
Sought the maiden of my dreams,
Chasing still my bright ideal,
Like a marsh-light's taunting gleams.
Candles sweet and incense sweeter
Do I vow thee, week by week, --
Give me, lovely Santa Rita!
The ideal girl I seek.

Rich fair eyes, like summer twilight
Ere the stars glint through the blue,
Beaming with a soft and shy light,
Hiding summer lightnings too;
Rich brown hair in wayward cluster,
Rippling down in heavy fold,
Giving in the sunset's lustre
Here and there a gleam of gold;

Fair, sweet face, whose quick expression
Mirrors well the thoughts that flit, --
Soft now with love's shy confession,
Brightened now by fire of wit;
Fair, sweet nature, were I bolder
To dispel the doubts that spring,
I would touch her angel shoulder,
Just to feel the budding wing!

Silver voice to charm and fill me
With an ecstasy of sound;
Springing, buoyant step to thrill me
In the waltz's dazing round;
Mind as bright as rainbow's prism,
Wit as keen as archer's dart,
And, to work the mechanism,
Just a little mite of heart.

This my longing, Santa Rita!
This the girl for whom I wait.
Tell me, tell me, shall I meet her
Ere I die disconsolate?
Are my dreams but idle fancy?
Lives there such a maiden rare?
I invoke thy necromancy, --
Santa Rita! hear my prayer!

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