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MATING TIME, by                
First Line: Past my window, brilliant crimson
Last Line: In the honeysuckle vine.
Subject(s): Birds; Spring

Past my window, brilliant crimson
Flashes to the elm tree's bough;
Soon I hear a red bird calling,
Liquid notes ascending now.

Low, then growing loud and clearer
On the springtime's fragrant breeze,
Red bird notes, now far, now nearer,
From my garden's tallest trees.

Now I catch again the glory
Of the red bird's crimson wing,
As he whistles soft the story
To his mate: "Sweet! Sweet! 'Tis Spring!"

Flitting through the honeysuckles,
Guarding nests beyond my view,
In and out, with bright wings flashing
Through the blossoms drenched with dew,

Spring and Love-time in my garden!
Sweet content once more is mine
As I watch my red birds building
In the honeysuckle vine.

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