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YIGDAL, by            
First Line: Extolled be the living god and lauded be his / name
Last Line: For ever blessed be his name, his praise fore'er resound.
Subject(s): God; Holy Ghost; Jews; Praise; Holy Spirit; Judaism

EXTOLLED be the living God and lauded be His name;
He doth exist and will thro' endless æons be the same.

Our God is Unity, and Unity like His there's none;
Ah! inconceivable is He, and thro' all times is one.

He doth no form nor shape nor yet our mortal fashion bear;
In heav'n, on earth, can naught like to His holiness compare.

Prior to each created thing, of wondrous shape and grace,
He was the first, and, ere He was, can none commencement trace.

Behold! He rules the Universe, His creatures teacheth He
The greatness of His awful might, His glorious sovereignty.

The spirit of His prophecy hath He bestowed on those
Whom, for the glory of His name, our Heav'nly Father chose.

Though great the fame of Israel's sons, meek Moses none excelled;
Alone, among her seers, he God's similitude beheld.

A law of truth and life He gave, our everlasting Rock,
By him who was the faithful guide and teacher of his flock.

This law sublime and beautiful, for any new or strange,
Our Shield, thro' all eternities, will nevermore exchange.

The secret courses of our thoughts doth th' Allwise watch and know;
And clear to Him, all hidden ends their own commencements show.

His loving kindness blesseth those who well their task fulfil,
A chast'ning hand falls heavy on transgressors of His will.

His messenger He'll surely send upon the final day,
Redeeming those, who, strong in faith, for His salvation stay.

In love He will the dead revive that sleep beneath the ground,
For ever blessed be His name, His praise fore'er resound.

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