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SERENADE, by            
First Line: My marguerite, I play
Last Line: In this wise sang miette.
Subject(s): Eyes; Faces; Kisses; Love; Singing & Singers; Songs

"MY Marguerite, I play
For thee this serenade.
O list, the tambour's lay;
'Tis all for thee, dear maid!"

"Too well I know the song,
The insistent, mawkish air.
Should'st thou the strain prolong
The seas shall drown my care."

"Sweet wanton, 'ware the wave!
Thou can'st not leave me thus.
A swimmer's arms shall save
Thy youth all beauteous."

"So, would'st thou win the lass?
Not thus shalt thou win me.
A shining eel shall pass
Thy finger's potency."

"Such skill I disavow,
My beautiful well-wisher.
This fisher's net's enow
And I, I am the fisher!"

"Lo now the brooklet neap
That threads the garden bright!"
"Yet thou shalt not outleap
My mossy bank's green height!"

"A rose then shalt thou see
Against the wicket pressed."
"And I shall be the bee
That swoons upon thy breast."

"Behold a star uprise!"
"A cloud shall lie below
To veil thy lovely eyes
And kiss thy mouth with snow."

"Though to a cloud thou turnest,
Wilt thou encompass this?
-- Think well, when thou discernest
One in God's nunneries."

"Though holy Church possess her
Within the convent's pale,
I shall be her confessor
Whenas she takes the veil."

"What if thou turnest priest
Yet thou shalt see me sleep,
My face toward the east,
The while my sisters weep."

"What shall thy words be worth
When vestals dry their tears?
Sweet, I shall be the earth
To fold thee through the years."

"I have a wondrous drouth
Thy thoughts are mine, moreover.
Come, kiss me on the mouth
And be my own true lover!"
In this wise sang Miette.

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