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A STIRRUP-CUP, by             Poem Explanation        
First Line: Lady, whose ancestor
Last Line: Lochiel's granddaughter!

LADY, whose ancestor
Fought for Prince Charlie,
Met once and never more,
No time for parley!

Yet drink a glass with me
"Over the water":
Memories pass to me,
Chieftain's granddaughter!

"Say, will he come again?"
Nay, lady, never.
"Say, will he never reign?"
Yea, lady, ever.

Yea, for the heart of us
Follows Prince Charlie;
There's not a part of us
Bows not as barley.

Under the breeze that blew
Up the Atlantic,
Wafting the one, the true
Prince, the romantic,

Back to his native land
Over the water:
Here's to Prince Charlie and
Lochiel's granddaughter!

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