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THE HINT O' HAIRST, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: It's dowie in the hint o' hairst
Last Line: Oh, mary! That I were wi' thee.
Subject(s): Death; Love; Dead, The

IT'S dowie in the hint o' hairst,
At the wa-gang o' the swallow,
When the win' grows cauld, and the burns grow bauld,
And the wuds are hingin' yellow;
But oh, it's dowier far to see
The wa-gang o' her the heart gangs wi',
The dead-set o' a shinin' ee --
That darkens the weary world on thee.

There was mickle love atween us twa --
Oh, twa could ne'er be fonder;
And the thing on yird was never made,
That could ha'e gart us sunder.
But the way of Heaven's abune a' ken,
And we maun bear what it likes to sen' --
It's comfort, though, to weary men,
That the warst o' this warld's waes maun en'.

There's mony things that come and gae,
Just kent, and just forgotten;
And the flow'rs that busk a bonnie brae,
Gin anither year lie rotten.
But the last look o' that lovely e'e,
And the dying grip she gave to me,
They're settled like eternity --
Oh, Mary! that I were wi' thee.

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