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First Line: Bare was our burn brae, december's blast had blawn
Last Line: But the last look o' hame I can never forget.
Subject(s): Memory; Winter

BARE was our burn brae, December's blast had blawn,
The last flow'r was dead, an' the brown leaf had fa'n:
It was dark in the deep glen, hoary was our hill;
An' the win' frae the cauld north cam heavy and chill:
When I said fare-ye-weel, to my kith and my kin;
My barque it lay a-head, an' my cot-house ahin';
I had nought left to tine, I'd a wide world to try;
But my heart it widna lift, an' my e'e it widna dry.

I look'd lang at the ha', through the mist o' my tears,
Where the kind lassie lived I had ran wi' for years;
E'en the glens where we sat, wi' their broom-cover'd knowes,
Took a haud on this heart that I ne'er can unlowse.
I ha'e wander'd sin' syne, by gay temples and towers,
Where the ungather'd spice scents the breeze in their bowers;
Oh! sic scenes I could leave without pain or regret;
But the last look o' hame I can never forget.

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