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OF MAIDENS' PRAISE: AN INVOCATION, by                    
First Line: Almighty maker, master of the world
Last Line: That I the famous deeds of saints of old may sing.
Alternate Author Name(s): Adelemus; Eadelhelm; Adelnie
Subject(s): God

Almighty Maker, Master of the World,
Who shap'st the starry Heaven's shining dome;
And formest Earth's foundations by thy Word;
Paint'st the pale meadows with their purple bloom,
Rein'st the blue waters of the wave-rolled plain
Lest they have force to flood the dry land's bound
Where checks of cliff shatter the rising main;
Thine the firm grasp of frost on tilth of ground,
Thou mak'st increase the seed in mists of rain;
Thou takest away darkness with twin lights,
Titan day's comrade, Cynthia the night's;
Thou hast adorned the waters and made fair
The scaly squadrons of the gray abyss;
Through Thee swift hosts that soar in the clear air
Chirp and to echoes pipe resounding bliss,
In differing notes their many voices raise
Ever one song to their Creator's praise:
Help me Thou, Merciful, my song to bring,
That I the famous deeds of saints of old may sing.

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