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AT ELLIS ISLAND, by                
First Line: Across the land their long lines pass
Last Line: A land to which all peoples turn.
Subject(s): Ellis Island, New York Harbor; Jews; Pilgrimages & Pilgrims; Sea Voyages; Travel; United States - Immigration & Emigtration; Judaism; Journeys; Trips

Across the land their long lines pass;
More souls come to us sun by sun,
Each ship a city as she rides,
Than manned the march of Washington.

From ancient states where burthens lie
Extortionate upon the poor,
Men rise like flocks from leafless woods,
Then flight a shadow at our door.

A shadow passing life by life
Into the morrow of our race;
What know we of the unseen minds?
These hands have riches we embrace.

What common thought so many moves?
Our laws with Liberty are brave;
Beneath them men will take content
A wage, a lodging, and a grave.

Strange to each other as to us,
The races of the world are ours;
No sleepless frontiers here impede
A secret ballot's sacred powers.

Ye patient aliens! Sifting in
Where trades a fateful welcome burn,
Bequeath your children what you find—
A land to which all peoples turn.

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