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THE NIGHT SONG, by                    
First Line: A mocking bird sang at my window
Last Line: In the stillness of the night.
Subject(s): Love; Mockingbirds

A mocking bird sang at my window,
In the beautiful moon's pale light;
With a hush in my heart I listened,
In the peace of the calm midnight.

He sang of the rippling brooklet
Out in the forest, deep;
He sang of the sloping hillside,
Where the wild flowers vigil keep.

He sang of the broad, green meadows,
And the scent of new mown hay;
He sang of the dawn of morning,
And the glow of the closing day.

He sang of the clouds in their glory,
Of the gold, the red and the blue;
Of the foaming, floating billows
That reflect the sunset's hue.

And again he sang of the forest,
And his voice was sweet and low;
I could see the phantom pictures
As they wavered to and fro.

And, oh, he sang the love-song,
Mid the orange blooms so white;
He sang of you, and I answered
In the stillness of the night.

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