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First Line: He leaned upon his crutches at my door
Last Line: And we shall know messiahs in disguise!

He leaned upon his crutches at my door;
And, when I saw the empty trouser leg,
Presumed he was some derelict to beg --
Just one to tell of woes that tire and bore.
"I sharpen knives and scissors for a dime"....
And was it something in this cripple's smile
That made me go and search for knives, the while
My mind rebelled against the waste of time?
Then, while he worked, he talked of life and creed;
And said, "Potentially all men are good;
All evil is disease, when understood.
Awareness of world brotherhood our need."
O, lift the fog of smugness from our eyes,
And we shall know Messiahs in disguise!

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