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First Line: Baby, baby, hush-a-bye
Last Line: Let your mother rest now.
Subject(s): Mothers; Babies; Sleep; Infants

Baby, baby, hush-a-bye,
Must you be awake now?
Sweet my lamb, come, close your eye,
Sleep for mother's sake now.

All the babies in the world
Lie aslee but you now:
Nigger-babies, brown and curled,
In the sand dream too now.
Baby mice are safe from harm
In their downy holes now:
Baby squirrels lie all warm
In the hollow boles now.

Baby buds are fast asleep
Rocking on the trees now:
Baby fishes, far and deep,
Slumber in the seas now.

All the baby stars above
Dream in cloudy bed now:
Mother moon, for all her love,
Sleeping hides her head now.

Baby, baby, hush-a-bye,
Cradled on my breast now,
Sweet my lamb, come, close your eye,
Let your mother rest now.

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