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First Line: What can afflict the child thus weeping?
Last Line: A child can weep itself to sleep.
Subject(s): Children; Grief; Childhood; Sorrow; Sadness

WHAT can afflict the child thus weeping?
It sounds so passionate and sad;
Who can a child in pain be keeping,
Who yet no touch of care has had?
It sits there in the scorching sun,
Upon the dusty road, alone.

The other little ones have all gone,
Amid the green woods gayly range,
Play in the pathways, moss and grass-grown,
And kisses, jests, and talk exchange.
Not e'en a single thought they send
To this poor weeping child, their friend.

More and more angry grows the crying,
Despair doth seize the little heart;
It grasps the stones in the road lying,
And beats itself to feel the smart.
Far into distance, back it peers,
But nothing sees to soothe its tears.

Its temples throb, the sun is glowing,
The little child so weary lies,
Its tears are now more slowly flowing
'Neath the red lids that veil its eyes.
Its little head doth now droop quite,
Its little mouth is still and white.

It sleeps -- one more sob, yet another,
Then calm, deep calm, the scene broods o'er --
Calls from the woods doth echo transfer,
But the poor child hears nothing more.
However deep may be its grief,
A child can weep itself to sleep.

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