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First Line: He comes with breezes blowing
Last Line: With wedlock they come hand in hand.
Subject(s): Spring

HE comes with breezes blowing,
O'er hills and valleys showing
His sunny, beaming face.
Whoe'er should seek to question
Why? Answer he would have none,
Save: Fool, love ever keeps his place.

With manners sweet and smiling
The earth he kisses, wiling
To open her dark eyes.
Love, from thy couch arising,
Robes on in any guise fling, --
Our marriage-day dawns in the skies!

Himself doth bring the silken
Robe and glittering gems, then
For bridal dowry there;
Mid gay jests and caresses,
Wreath of white roses presses
On her long locks of silken hair.

Then calls he: Up! make ready!
Let music sound and all vie,
Led by gay Madam Lark!
In the elder, nightingale
For a solo will not fail,
And give each melting note due mark.

Come, come, lads! leaping, springing,
Wedding gifts hither bringing,
To glad my lovely bride!
Swiftly then little elf-hands
Drag forth bright silver ribbons,
With diamonds thickly strewn, in pride.

Clear tapers' flame now up-pours,
From thousand hearts of flowers,
Which fragrant honey bear;
The notes of sweet bells ringing
Through all the world are swinging,
And smoke of incense fills the air.

The banners green are glimmering,
And precious stones are shimmering,
On ev'ry smallest bough;
The flowers and the grasses
Grateful pray'rs repeat, when passes
The stripling Spring with radiant brow.

The Lord himself is blessing
The nuptial bond. Joy, pressing
On, sweeps o'er all the land,
Upon the wedding morning
Grief and care give no warning --
With wedlock they come hand in hand.

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