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AFTER YEARS, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Is this really my own roof-tree
Last Line: I alone am not the same.
Subject(s): Home; Past

IS this really my own roof-tree,
My beloved parents' home?
Joyous as of yore the swallows
Darting out and in do come.
Fragrance giving, strews the linden
Perfumed blossoms on my hair,
And, above, the azure heaven
Laughs as erst in sunlight fair.

All things lie in self-same places,
All things are just as of yore;
On the gable of the cottage
Doves are cooing as before.
Water from the pipe is flowing
Thirsty wand'rers to relieve,
And to flowers, blossoms, grass-blades
Sacred Sunday peace doth cleave.

Yet to me all things seem altered,
As by burden sore oppressed;
Closely do I clasp my kindred,
Almost weeping, to my breast.
Yes, these are the self-same chambers,
Fairyland of childhood's frame,
These the old beloved meadows --
I alone am not the same.

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