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First Line: My pilgrim staff is close at hand
Last Line: On green banks of the spree?
Subject(s): Farewell; Parting

MY pilgrim staff is close at hand,
My bundle too is tied,
And all who near my heart do stand
With me will still abide.
My wife, my child, my mother dear,
Will all remain with me;
So gladly I'll set forth from here,
For green banks of the Spree.

Within thy walls, O ancient house,
Both joy and grief I've known;
Kind fate with flowers hath decked my brows,
And many favors shown.
Yet still to wander I am fain,
Elsewhere I long to dwell;
Thy parting kiss I feel with pain, --
Beloved home, farewell!

How sadly, budding chestnut-tree,
Thou seem'st at me to gaze;
Upon thy lashes I can see
Tears shine in the sun's rays.
A faithful guardian thou hast been,
Though snows or petals fell;
Hast made my heart with hope grow green, --
Beloved tree, farewell!

No more shall I, O much loved wood,
Within thy shade repose,
While o'er me in a blissful flood
Of dreams Time's current flows.
But listen, comrade, true of faith,
And brown deer, too, I tell:
May blessings rest in ev'ry path!
Beloved wood, farewell!

O best of fathers, here unto
Thy sacred grave I come,
And with eyes raised to heaven's blue
Take leave of thee and home.
My lips are quiv'ring, hot tears run
As grief my heart doth swell;
I feel that thou dost bless thy son, --
Beloved grave, farewell!

We'll onward move, one hand-clasp more,
O friends so true and tried!
Our bond of love will twine far o'er
Both mount and valley wide.
On, on, the distance beckoning
Like fairy form we see!
Who knows what that bright smile may bring
On green banks of the Spree?

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