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FOR MY CHILD, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: For thee, my child, oft I lie waking
Last Line: Desolate by it I'm weeping.
Subject(s): Children; Love; Childhood


FOR thee, my child, oft I lie waking,
For thy dear sake till late at night,
To grant thy ev'ry wish plans making,
To see thy bright eyes' laughing light.
E'en though my feet are often weary,
And my day's work is often hard,
If but thy face comes to my mem'ry,
No pain or grief do I regard.

Thank God! that one within my keeping
I have, who'll share my joy and woe.
Grow quickly, I shall soon be steeping
My soul in thy youth's rosy glow.
How closely I will watch and cherish,
Protect thee, dear, from cold and wind,
Patiently bearing every anguish,
While I in thee a good child find.

Although my happiness is shattered,
If but thy sun shines clear and fair,
I will forget Time's snow-flakes scattered
Too early whitening my hair. --
Rich gifts of heart and mind thy dower,
And gentle as May breezes mild,
Unfold thy petals, human flower:
I pray for thee alone, my child.


On pillows snow-white, in a narrow chest,
Sleep now forever, my darling, rest,
Little one, in God's keeping!
Thine eyes thou hast closed for the long, endless dream,
Peacefully slumb'ring, scarce real doth it seem,
As I gaze at thee, weeping.

Dolls and all little books hither bring,
Both loved far, far beyond anything,
By my darling, now sleeping;
One more kiss, then lower the coffin,
Deeper and deeper the dark grave in --
Desolate by it I'm weeping.

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